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Protective Orders & Temporary Restraining Orders

Mother and Daughter in Office

Citizens wishing to file any Protective Order or Temporary Restraining Order are encouraged to consult an attorney for legal advice.


The Suit Department staff is available to assist individuals with filling out forms for Protective Orders/Temporary Restraining Orders Pursuant to the Louisiana's Domestic Violence Statutes La R.S. 46:2131 and LA R.S. 46:2151 for those that qualify. Other types of restraining orders are available under laws of the state that are not covered under these statutes.


The office does not have an attorney and cannot provide legal advice.


Eligibility: Who can file this type of TRO?

- Family members: spouses, former spouses, parents & children, stepparents                & stepchildren, foster parents & foster children.
- Grandparents & grandchildren in certain situations.
- Household members: person presently or formerly living with defendant as                spouse.


Women who are victims of domestic violence are encouraged to contact the Calcasieu Parish Women's Shelter, "Oasis". The shelter has staff available to assist women with the filing of Protective Orders/Temporary Restraining Orders as well as provide other services to women in need.

To Direct Dial,  call 337-437-3558

Domestic Team          Ext 145
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