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What is the procedure and who may request a criminal record?
      Anyone is eligible to request a criminal record. Our team will need the following information:
  • Defendant's name
  • Defendant's Date of Birth
  • Charge(s)
  • Year (or approximate year) of charge
Are there any forms to complete?
      There are no forms needed for a standard criminal record. A court order signed by a judge is only 
      necessary when the crime involves one of the following: 
  • Sexual offense
  • Juveniles
  • Violent Crime
  • Court minutes are excluded in these 3 cases
What is the typical wait time?
      If the record is on the premises, anticipated wait time is 5-10 minutes. If the record is located at the 
      offsite storage facility, anticipated wait time is 3 days.
The Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court Office only has knowledge of charges that have been filed with our office. The Clerk of Court will only have records of those individuals that were processed through the 14th Judicial District Court System.
If the individual went to court at Lake Charles City Court or Sulphur City Court, our office does not house those records. You will need to contact the respective agency offices.
To Direct Dial,  call 337-437-3558
Ext 165

SUPERVISOR              Ext 164
Asst Supervisor         Ext 176
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